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Man Oh Man

This is just an observation and I don’t mean to be sexist but I’ve had a few people giving me advice on how to run the business over the years and they have all been men of a certain age.

How to organise the dustbins, how to cut the grass, how to improve the Wi-Fi, which font I should be using. Incidentally I’ve never cut a blade of grass in my life or sorted out dustbins or Wi-Fi but they still offer the advice to me not Paul – maybe it’s his gruff exterior (and gruff interior.)

I’m not saying I have nothing to learn but they are invariably people who know little of which they speak e.g. don’t know that Wi-Fi, 4G and EE are all different things and can’t tell a chiffchaff from a chaffinch or Comic Sans from WingDings.

I used to generously think, well they belong to a different generation when it was the norm for men to advise/patronise women. But my friends and I belong to that generation now and the men I know don’t feel this need to mansplain so please….enough. Don’t you know that women have Google now?

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