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Let’s Talk About Spiders

We get a LOT of spiders at Dale Farm. Autumn is spider season when male spiders strike out in search of a mate so you will notice them even more than usual. Now, we understand that some of our guests loathe and fear spiders but before you next kill a spider you should know…

  • Spiders are not aggressive and will only bite as a last resort in self-defence. Spider bites are rare and NO British spiders can be considered dangerous.
  • Spiders’ webs are very beautiful; especially on a frosty morning. And for its weight, spider web silk is actually stronger and tougher than steel.
  • Money spiders are thought to bring good fortune if they crawl on you.
  • Spiders eat large numbers of insects. One spider can eat hundreds of very small flies in one day (and that is why I don’t kill spiders.) They also make a great meal for some of our best-loved birds and are a vital part of most eco-systems.
  • You are never going to get rid of spiders. One study of an undisturbed grass field in Sussex found 5.5 million spiders per hectare.
  • There is no way of preventing spiders from living in your house although dusting cobwebs can help (and I do honestly but they are very industrious and quickly rebuild.)

You might not think these are reasons to love spiders but at least try to protect them. Please don’t squash them or wash them down the plug hole. If you really hate them you can get humane spider catching devices or ask a friend to put them outside! And maybe don’t book one of our cabins in the autumn?

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