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A Failure to Communicate

One of Paul’s chief irritants is the various methods of communication chosen by some of our younger guests i.e. text, Whatsapp, social media messages, in-app messaging, an email if you are v lucky but never anything using a voice or pen.

What? Complete a breakfast order by reading it thoroughly and writing on it, then posting it in the letterbox and paying cash. But I don’t have a biro. What’s cash? Come to the front door when I arrive and ring a ‘Doorbell’ when I can text from the car. Really?

I explain that they are not being rude – this is how young people communicate with each other. The period you were born in (aka generational cohort) can affect many of your attitudes, perceptions, values and behaviours. But chief among these differing characteristics must be the way we communicate with each other.

The vast majority of our guests are couples with dogs and grownup kids looking for a peaceful weekend away. They are usually Baby Boomers (born 1945-1964) or Generation Xers (1965 to around 1980). Born into a non-digital world they are more comfortable speaking in person than via a device and with face to face relationships rather than online communities.

Tech-savvy Millenials and Generation Zers (born in the early eighties and onwards i.e anyone our kids age and younger) on the other hand are digital natives. They love social media, online communities, rely on the internet to solve their problems and learn things. They have never known a life without tech. They don’t want to chat if they are just sharing information…a text or other form of digital communication is fine.

Oddly, the exception to this seems to be use of the log-burning stove. Many young people have never lit a real fire and if you are staying in one of our glamping options you are going to need to master this skill. We leave the necessary paraphernalia – logs, paper, kindling, matches, even instructions in the welcome pack – what read an actual piece of paper?

Can’t tell you how many texts we get about this. Please send help we can’t work out the fire thingy. This really should be taught in schools but in the meantime Paul has a one word answer…Youtube!!!

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