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Paul Hates Kids

Obviously Paul doesn’t hate kids. We have two of our own who he’s always been quite fond of even when they were small and annoying. And we’d love to have grandchildren one day. However…

Paul in his role as handyman/repair person/general dogsbody at Dale Farm has decided he’s had enough of rectifying the destruction, mess, damage and general mayhem that poorly supervised children bring with them

…is not a great title for a blog.

As the only repair person at the farm, he has wanted to go child free for years. Someone said to him ‘You were a child once’ to which he responded ‘and that’s exactly why I want them banned.’ You see he knows his enemy because he was one of them whereas my sisters and I were the well behaved children of a strict teacher.

In the past I’ve advised him to chill out a bit. However, after the recent visit of Lavinia and her completely unsupervised and out of control boychild and her  completely unsupervised and out of control dog, I have come to agree. Henceforth we only accept children aged 10 and upwards (it’s the little ones who like to run in front of tractors etc.)   Sincere apologies to all those lovely families we have hosted over the years but don’t blame us blame Lavinia.

It has been a tough year as all those families who generally go abroad in August are coming to us and we are not a big resort with kids’ clubs, maintenance teams and health & safety managers; this is our home and it’s just us.  If things get back to normal in a year or so we might relent but for now…sorry…no small kids.

P.S. There are exceptions …if you are the farming family with the gorgeous little twins who recently stayed in the cottage…you can come any time and Scarlett (pictured) is always welcome.



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