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I’m as mad as hell and I’m not going to take this anymore PART B

So as I was saying last time…before you write that review…we are not God…no really… and there are a few things that even Paul can’t fix…

  • The weather – sea frets/Beast from the East whatever…not our fault. 2 of our 4 average reviews were written during very bad weather. Some people put on their waterproofs, laugh and get on with it. Some people get grumpy.
  • Our location – this is a farm and farms are not usually in the middle of the village – check out Google maps. We once got a star knocked off because the reviewer thought Filey was a dive. Well we aren’t in Filey and Filey is nice anyway.
  • Being unable to light a fire. Our 3 cabins do not have central heating so you have to learn to use your stove as a fire/radiator. We will help with instructions, firelighters, lessons or even do it for you but to the kids who booked a wooden cabin in winter then said it was cold if you didn’t light the fire …well yes it is.
  • Nature isn’t all barn owls and baby deer (although we have plenty of those) – you might see a mouse or worse and there are lots of nocturnal goings on and flies on hot days. Can’t do anything about the flies but if you follow our advice you can stop them bothering you.
  • Wifi/TV signal and so on. It’s the country. The Wifi is actually excellent (and so is 4G). We have spent a lot on making it as good as it can be but sometimes things go wrong and if Open Reach are working in the village all weekend we can’t do anything about it.
  • You having a bad back, snoring husband, crying baby, restless dog etc etc – our beds are great I’m telling you.
  • Please read the website – we tell it like it is and it might not be for you but we can only manage your expectations if you read the bumph.

P.S. I did once leave a negative TA review years ago – believe me I had good reason – but I would never do it again. Hospitality is a tough, tough business. If you don’t like something that can be fixed tell the owner. If it can’t be fixed don’t go again. Simples.


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